The taste of real Tuscan oil

T h e t a s t e o f r e a l T u s c a n o i l


Our extra-virgin olive oil is produced only with our olives, coming from olive trees of various Tuscan breeds: Leccino, Moraiolo, Maremmano and Morcaio. The prevalence of our olive grove is 85% of Moraiolo, a rustic and native tree of our Tuscany region, present for thousands of years in our territory. The Moraiolo olive tree it is a tree that offers a pre-cious harvest of the highest quality and is ideal for hilly areas such as Chianti Classico. Suffering from the cold, it needs limited pruning and it is always good that it remains very exposed to the sun.

The certified supply chain

The Community IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) mark certifies that our oil is entirely produced on our territory, with our olives and obeying a very strict control specification, which starts from the cultivar to get to the mill. Tuscan extra virgin olive oil – unique heritage of the territory and culture of this region – since 1998 has been protected by the Protected Geographical Indication, which guarantees that the oil is 100% Tuscan, with a strong link with the territory and its traditional crops.

Each bottle or can of Tuscan IGP oil is marked with an alphanumeric code that allows the traceability and reconstruction of the entire supply chain. In this way transparency and safety on the product are guaranteed.

Origin, typicality, scent and taste of Tuscany 100%.


Our oil has the classic characteristics of Tuscan hill oil, Florentine Chianti.

Colour: from green to golden yellow with chromatic variation over time.

Aroma: fruity accompanied by hints of almond, artichoke, other ripe fruit, green leaf.

Taste: marked fruity.

How to taste it

The fruity and balanced flavor of our oil make it excellent for any dish you need, especially raw. Perfect for Tuscan recipes, it is ideal for any dish of Mediterranean cuisine: soups, croutons, salads, pesto, cakes, focaccia, raw or grilled vegetables, pasta and fish.

Its unique flavor is so enriching on every dish that it is good to use it raw as much as possible.

Let’s not forget that besides being good for the palate, olive oil is also excellent for health.

  1. Prevents cardiovascular diseases
  2. Has antioxidant properties
  3. Fights diabetes
  4. Helps lower blood pressure
  5. Helps prevent wrinkles and moisturizes the skin
  6. Promotes intestinal transit