T h e f a m i l y

Bucine in Chianti

A f a m i l y f o r a f a r m

What is a dream? An appearance of an idea.
What is a desire? Bring this idea down to earth and realise it.

This is what Bucine is: the dream of a Tuscan farmer transformed into a desire and then into a reality by him and his family. Our reality now is precisely the realisation of this ancient dream: to live in a friendly and beautiful, generous and ancient countryside, which allows us to raise our children in a small and friendly community. But above all the dream of being able to live producing excellent wine and oil, in the most magnificent area of our region.

Farmer and owner

L o r e t o C a r d e l l a

From Sicily to Veneto, son of a Palermo father and a German mother, he fell in love with the Chianti Classico di Toscana, thanks to the love for his wife Eleonora, daughter of Luciano, the true founder of the Bucine of now.

The relationship with Luciano and with the land was for Loreto a real existential discovery: not only can you keep tradition alive, produce wine, extract oil, but you can also live here, in this beautiful countryside rich in centuries and beauty.

Farmer and owner

L u c i a M e l i

The eldest daughter of Luciano Meli and Fausta Castaldi, Lucia was born and raised here in Bucine. When in 1980, Luciano and Fausta decided to buy the farm, they could not imagine that unfortunately Fausta would pass away only 8 years later. Also for this reason, but above all for the love for the land and for animals, Lucia has always remained at her father’s side in the management of the farm. Thanks to his commercial studies, he deals with agricultural work but also with the more bureaucratic and eco-nomic aspects of business management.
The beautiful wife

E l e o n o r a M e l i

Eleonora is the younger sister of Lucia, second daughter of Luciano Meli and Fausta Castaldi, also born in Bucine, wife of Loreto. She has always loved his land, his home and the family farm, where they have always had horses. Since she was a child, Eleonora has had this passion for all animals, but especially for horses. She continued her studies in the field of medicine and after graduating she started working in the health sector, where she still works. She lives in Bucine with her family and hopes one day to put the horses back!

Precious Relatives

P i e r o M o n i n i

Piero Monini is the husband of Piera Castaldi, cousin of Fausto Castaldi. Both have always been part of Bucine’s life and thanks to their experience and affection, they have always supported the agricultural, productive and social activities of the family, giving a great hand in the care of the plants and produc-tion, as per Tuscan tradition. Because here families are united and never abandon each other.


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