A wine dedicated to memory

A w i n e d e d i c a t e d t o m e m o r y


Our area is the Chianti Classico and of course our main production of wine is just that; However, our vineyards are very old and are planted according to the old Chianti Classico specification, which was produced with black grapes and a small percentage of white grapes.

Santa Luciano cared a lot about these rows of white grapes and when the Chianti specification returned to production with only black grapes, he wanted to use that white grape from his vineyard to create a white wine of his own.

Our areas have been dedicated to wine since Etruscan and Roman times and the delimitation of the Chianti area dates back to the twelfth century, represented by the black rooster on a golden field. Already in 1700s, public tenders began to be issued for the supervision of the areas and the quality of the wines produced in our area. The 1800s was the century of oenological experimentation, in which the Chianti barons together with the most talented Tuscan oenologists, They tried to establish regulations for the production of high quality wines. A kind of ante-litteram selection, which tried to introduce small quantities of improving vines into the large production of Sangiovese grapes.

It was Baron Ricasoli in 1840 who spread the formula that he considered suitable for a Chianti great quality: Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia and Trebbiano. During the 1900s, many quality wineries tried to bring the specification back to the original content of only native black grapes.

In our case, father Luciano, from the rows of Trebbiano and Malvasia, invented a wonderful, unique and fresh white wine.

Santa Luciano always said that these few bottles of white wine should never be missing from the table and demanded his 400 liters of white, saying that “they wanted us!”. For this reason, even if Father Luciano is no more, we decided this year not only to produce it but also to bottle it in his memory: our white wine “L’Obbligatorio” was born, labeled with an image of father Luciano climbing through the rows of vineyard with his tractor.

We are very proud of this wine, this label, this gift that Father Luciano has given to us that now we can reciprocate by dedicating “his” white wine to him!